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Tomato - Minsk

Tomato - Minsk

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Solanum lycopersicum
55-60 Days
Regular Leaf
Germination: 100% 12/23

Heirloom from Belarus. Round, red 4-6oz tomatoes on semi-compact determinate vines that reach about 4' long. Very early and quite productive. They have a nice balanced flavour, but I like them best when they're not quite ripe and still a little bit orange, for a touch more acidity. Good all-purpose tomato.

Minsk is more susceptible to disease than modern cultivars, so makes a great candidate for a succession planting scheme. Just pull them near the end of August or whenever they start to slow down and put a fall crop in their place. The fruits tend to form near the bottom of the plant, so they will benefit from some support and are particularly well suited to tomato cages. I like to forego staking with pretty much every tomato I grow, but sometimes even I plunk a cage down over these.

Also known as Minskiy Ranniy or Minskij Rannyj. Our original seed sample came from the Experimental Farm Network, who sourced theirs from the USDA seed bank.

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