Our goal is to provide a range of options so you can choose what best suits your needs. We are new to the mail order business, and will adjust this policy as we gather data and gain experience.

We do not make a profit on shipping fees. Our shipping prices consist of the selected carrier rate plus a two dollar handling fee that helps to cover the cost of shipping supplies, fuel, and time spent fulfilling orders. Flat Rate Boxes do not have a handling fee applied because the cost of the box is included in the postage price.

We ship to Canada and the US only. All orders are shipped with Canada Post.

***US Shipments:

International customers bear full responsibility for import licenses, certificates, or permits, and any additional fees charged by customs or other government officials associated with seed importation.

For international orders that are lost in transit, or stopped or confiscated by customs we are currently offering a refund or replacement for the seeds only - not the shipping fee.

Most small US orders are sent as oversized letter mail, with no tracking information. Bulky orders may be split into two or more separate packages, at our discretion. If you are making a large order (over $100) or require a tracking number we recommend you obtain a Phytosanitary Certificate from the CFIA or a Small Lots Of Seed Permit from the USDA.

If your shipment does not arrive, or if you would like more information about receiving seed orders from Canada please contact us.