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Tomato - Banana Toes

Tomato - Banana Toes

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Solanum lycopersicum
70 Days
Regular Leaf
Germination: 98% 12/23

Extremely productive yellow paste tomato with a nice mild flavour. Plants are rather compact at 18-24", but produce an incredible amount of beautiful yellow fruit at a rate that can be difficult to keep up with. Fortunately, these tomatoes hold very well both on and off the vine, so you'll have some leeway if you can't pick, eat, or process them all in a timely fashion. The plants get somewhat unruly at peak production, so a bit of pre-emptive pruning can be a good idea.

A Dwarf Tomato Project variety, Banana Toes was selected by Gina McDermott from the "Speckly" family. John Dunton, Mike Dunton, Craig LeHoullier, and Bill Minkey also contributed to stabilization efforts. Released in 2020 by the Victory Seed Company.

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