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Squash - Zucchini Surprise

Squash - Zucchini Surprise

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Cucurbita pepo
55 Days
Germination: 100% 12/23
NCS Original

This mix makes it easy to decide what kind of zucchini to grow - just let the plants choose for you. Now going into their F4 generation, these lovely courgettes have been supplying me with material for my various zucchini breeding projects. It all began with two yellow varieties and three green varieties planted side by side. Each year I've favoured the more interesting looking fruits, while also selecting for dense flesh, good seed set, vigour, heat and drought tolerance, and disease resistance. I began doing some hand pollinations to encourage yellow and green colour combinations, but insects still do most of the work.

Although most folks (including myself) eat these as a summer squash when the fruits are young, many of them are actually pretty tasty even when fully mature, and the seeds make a nice snack if you toast them in the oven. Zucchini is more versatile than we often give it credit for.

Introduced in  2023.


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