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Snow Pea - Ruby Beauty

Snow Pea - Ruby Beauty

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Pisum sativum
Snow Pea - Vine
65 Days
Germination: 100% 12/23

These hypertendril snow pea vines have very interesting colours. The main part of the plant is green, but that transitions into crimson pedicels fading into a yellow calyx and back to green sepals at the base of the flowers and pods. There is a nice blush at the base of the stipules, and the tendrils can also have a yellow and red blush. The pods themselves are a translucent red-burgundy, and look quite fetching with the sun behind them. Not too sweet, but nicely full-flavoured. Flowers are a velvety two-toned burgundy and lavender, and vines reach about 6-7 feet.

Bred by Dylana Kapuler and Mario DiBenedetto of Peace Seedlings.

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