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Snap Pea - Magnolia Blossom

Snap Pea - Magnolia Blossom

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Pisum sativum
Snap Pea - Vine
70 Days
Germination: 100% 12/23

Sweet green snap peas on vines up to 8 feet long, with beautiful bi-colour flowers. Pods develop a distinctive purple stripe as they mature.

When I was first trialling Magnolia blossom and its sibling Sugar Magnolia, I had seed from several different sources. Some strains had hyper-tendrils, and others had normal looking tendrils. After some investigation I learned that the hyper-tendril trait was incorporated after the original variety release, and one of my sources was stewarding the original version. I thought the combination of the two made for a nice illustration of how a variety can evolve, so you'll find both hyper-tendril and regular-tendril plants in my population.

Bred by Alan Kapuler.

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