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Scallion - Slow Going Breeders Mix

Scallion - Slow Going Breeders Mix

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Allium fistulosum
50 Days
Germination: 100% 01/23
NCS Original


Early work-in-progress breeders mix of red and white scallions approaching their F2 generation. These F1 plants seem to be producing only white stems, but I expect a mix of colours in the next generation.

My goal for this population is to develop a super tall scallion with a pink coloured stem and pseudostem. The name is a nod to that extra poignant feeling of impatience you sometimes get during your first biennial breeding project.

I was on the fence about releasing these so early, but the first year F1 crop looked superb, so I figured why not. The seeds offered here are the second F1 crop I've produced from the original parents, with F2 seeds coming for the 2024 season.

Scallions are also known as green onions, bunching onions, and spring onions. Unlike regular onions, scallions do not form large bulbs, instead developing an elongated stalk similar to how leeks develop. These plants can exceed 24" in height, and are extremely cold hardy. Although they are most often used as an annual, scallions are perennial and will enlarge into clumps if you let them overwinter. Scallions can be direct seeded, but I like to start them indoors at the end of February with my other alliums, planting 5-6 seeds per cell or soil block.

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