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Phacelia - Best Find

Phacelia - Best Find

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Phacelia tanacetifolia
25-30 Days
Germination: 94% 01/23

Super pretty and very useful, Phacelia's extended flowering period makes it a valuable forage plant for pollinators and a long-lasting source of colour in your garden. Small lavender flowers with extended stamens open in sequence on long one-sided cymes, and continue for the entire growing season. The plants reach about 3 feet in height with lacy, fern-like leaves. 

Often used in orchards, vineyards, and the edges of field crops to enhance pollination, it also provides biological pest control by attracting hoverflies whose larvae prey on aphids, thrips, and other plant-sucking insects. The flowers are appealing to hummingbirds as well!

Phacelia establishes quickly and heavy plantings are effective at smothering weeds. It's commonly used either on its own or in seed mixes for green manure and cover crops.

Also known as Purple Tansy, Scorpion Weed, and Bee's Friend. You might see it referred to as Heliotrope, though it does not belong to that genus.

Our original seed sample came from Wild Garden Seed in Oregon. They trialled several Phacelia strains and the best one turned out to be an unnamed variety from a local farmer in their area, so they named it Best Find. I was happy to find it too!

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