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Pepper - NCSY

Pepper - NCSY

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Capsicum annuum
65 Days
Germination: 100% 12/23
NCS Original

An "invisible grex" comprised of two interbreeding small orange sweet pepper varieties. Early with heavy yields on sturdy, compact plants that reach about 18" under ideal conditions. Very sweet, thick-walled fruits keep well after harvest. Heat and drought tolerant - when I grow these in an unirrigated field the plants and fruit tend to be a little smaller than usual, but they still produce like crazy.

The two original parental lines of this group are very similar, but both have desirable qualities that the other lacks. Instead of controlling pollination myself, I wanted to see how effectively I could combine these traits using only the cross pollination services of my local insects and simple mass selection techniques. It seems to be working pretty well so far! 

First released in 2023.


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