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Pepper - Aji de la Pradera

Pepper - Aji de la Pradera

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Capsicum baccatum
65 Days Green, 80-90 Days Red
≈ 60,000 SHU
Germination: 99% 12/23
NCS Original

These delicious hot peppers are often used underripe, when their citrusy flavour is most prominent. As they ripen they become less tangy and more spicy. Even though they pack a decent punch, the heat fades fairly quickly compared to other hot peppers. Excellent fresh, cooked, pickled, fermented, or dried. I've found the spice level varies significantly with the weather - Hot and dry = spicier peppers.

The fruits hold their quality very well right to the end of the season, and ripen well indoors. I've even picked perfectly good fruits off an otherwise frost-killed plant. Impressive! I haven't observed any disease issues in my gardens, and these plants have performed very well in unirrigated plots.

This F3 population is an interbreeding grex of four similar Aji pepper varieties that are all relatively early, cold tolerant, decently spicy, and high-yielding. They are a little slow to reach full maturity in my region, so I am selecting heavily for earliness with the goal of increasing the amount of plant-ripened pods before frost in my area.

First released in 2023.


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