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Lettuce - Immortal Mix

Lettuce - Immortal Mix

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Lactuca sativa
40-50 Days
Germination: 99% 12/23
NCS Original

A mix of various loose-head lettuces, this is my selection of Frank Morton's Freedom Mix which is a genepool created from a lettuce disease trial in the early 2000's.

Lettuce is one of my favourite crops to grow, but in my gardens it can be challenging to get a seed crop all the way to maturity before the plants succumb to mold or mildew related diseases. About half the plants in Frank's original mix did well here, so I've been growing it every year and saving seed from the survivors. In the end, I'm hoping for an indestructible lettuce mix that can withstand significant late season disease pressure, but still has a decent amount of diversity for further selection.

First released in 2023.


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