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Dill - Ambrojia

Dill - Ambrojia

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Anethum graveolens
35 Days
Germination: 75% 01/23

These petite herbs have a shrubby, branching growth habit and are very aromatic with intense flavour. Early to mature but slow to bolt, they provide a generous time-frame for fresh leaf harvest which you can extend even further by removing flowers as they appear.

The plants put on a fair bit of height as they flower and go to seed, reaching 3-4', so you might need to offer them some support if you're in a windy location. Pollinators love the flowers, and the seeds are useful in pickles, soups, breads, salad dressings, seasoning mixes, and infused vinegars. If you're letting the plants go to seed you will inevitably have a bunch of volunteers the following year - you can take advantage of this self-seeding tendency to maintain a "perennial" dill patch.

The exact origins of this variety are somewhat vague, but all signs point to eastern Europe in the neighbourhood of Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, and Belarus. Our original seed was sourced from Peace Seedlings in Oregon.

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