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Cucumber - Apple Snack

Cucumber - Apple Snack

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Cucumis sativus
65 Days
Germination: 96% 12/23
NCS Original

Interbreeding F3 mix of four apple cucumber cultivars. They look great on a trellis, but are just as happy sprawled out on the ground. I love to eat these hand-held snacks right off the vine, but they make a cute pickle when they're really small too.

I had an idea for a new apple cucumber variety so I first set out to create some diversity by combining the ones I could most easily find - Lemon, Richmond Green Apple, Crystal Apple, and Dragon's Egg. I'm making light selections for disease resistance and earliness, but am mostly focused on encouraging the colours and shapes to co-mingle.

I was a little on the fence about including Dragon's Egg because it has the most "normal" cucumber shape. However, it had the most vigorous plants by far in my trials, and the fruits have a lovely smooth, spineless skin that is quite appealing. Sure enough, it has contributed some normal-shaped genetics to the mix which I am slowly weeding out for another project, but fortunately the other traits are showing up here and there as well.

First released in 2023.


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