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Calendula - Sunbeam Princess

Calendula - Sunbeam Princess

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Calendula officinalis
55-60 days
Germination: 82% 01/24
NCS Original

A diverse collection of blooms with various orange, yellow and white colour combinations. Does well in full sun to shade, but the plants prefer cooler weather so blossoms will last longer in partially shaded areas in the heat of summer. Blossoming may slow down or pause if it gets really hot, but will ramp up again when it cools off and the flowers can continue until well after frost. Blossom production is maximized by removing old blooms as they wilt.

Calendula has many uses. The flowers are edible and are used fresh in salads, or in cooked dishes to add colour and flavour. It is sometimes fed to chickens to ensure their egg yolks are brightly coloured. It can be used to make dyes of orange, gold, brown and yellow. Calendula extracts are also used medicinally, most often as a topical application for skin irritations. Studies have shown a scientific basis for its traditional medicinal uses.

I grow these mostly because I love seeing long beds of calendula in full bloom.

This mix originated from the calendula offerings of Lindenberg Seeds in my hometown of Brandon, Manitoba, plus the highly resinous variety Erfurter which was gifted to me by my herbalist friend Carissa. I grow these every year and make light selections for vigour and disease resistance. They don't need much maintenance, they are robust plants.

First released in 2023.


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