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Calendula - Flashback Mix

Calendula - Flashback Mix

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Calendula officinalis
55-60 days
Germination: 88% 01/24

NEW for 2024!

This is a diverse calendula gene pool created by Frank Morton, named for the red and maroon colouring on the backs of the petals. The front of the petals come in shades of orange, yellow, and pink, or in combination on bicolour and tricolour blooms. Petal shape and configuration varies quite a bit as well, from layered fluffy poms to wispy daisy forms. Calendula flowers close up overnight, which affords an interesting view of the backs of the petals. On some blooms you get to see the colourful backs at the centre of the flower as the innermost petals unfurl.

I grow them because I really like having huge beds of nice flowers, but calendula has other more functional uses as well. The flowers are edible and can be used fresh in salads, or in cooked dishes. It is used as a dye plant to create yellow, orange, gold and brown colours. Calendula extracts are also used medicinally, and it has scientific basis for its traditional medicinal use.


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