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Bean - Lemonade Cascade

Bean - Lemonade Cascade

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Phaseolus vulgaris
Pole Bean
55 Days Fresh, 95 Days Dry
Germination: 100% 12/23
NCS Original

Flat romano-type green and yellow snap beans with varying degrees of crimson blush. Some pods have purple speckles, and the odd plant shows up with plain solid colours. Vines reach 6-8 feet with large, sparsely distributed leaves. These are really tasty snap beans that have a great texture when cooked. Best picked young before the seeds really start to fill out. As a dry bean they hold up well to cooking, retaining their shape but staying tender and flavourful.

This bean population arose from a single Cascade Giant plant, which was a random F1 cross with another unknown bean parent. The plant looked like the rest, but had a rosy pink blush to it. When I planted the seeds from this individual next year, I received an incredible array of pink-blushed plants with an interesting mix of seed colours: mustard-gold, brown, tan, dusty pink, olive, blue, and grey, with various stripe and speckle combinations. Plus plain white, which I am attempting to remove from the population. The white seeds seem to be coming from the solid green or yellow plants, and return in roughly the same proportion when I simply select them out of my planting stock. My next step is to figure out if they are associated with another seed colour.

First released in 2023.


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